Nick’s House, 1255 Palm Ridge, Vipingo

Your dream vacation begins just steps away along the Coastal region of Mombasa. Located In the heart of the Vipingo’s Sisal Plantation, Nick’s House is within driving minutes of most amenities, restaurants, supermarkets and activities. On arrival, trained security and ample parking space can be found within the property.

This bright modern 3-bedroom Apartment can accommodate up to 6 people and consists of three King (5 by 6) beds, A Smart TV, Wi-Fi Internet, An In-house Chef, A Kitchen equipped with the necessary gadgets needed for your comfortable stay and a friendly Host who will be available when you need to assist you with any of your questions while on your stay. Tastefully decorated and furnished from our Local Artisans, Feel at home in our Vacation Rental.

Just from taking a long Nap? Spend your Morning strolls around the beautiful manicured landscaped gardens and while also spending the afternoon hours, take the chance and enjoy the amenities the property offers that both you or your Family will for sure Enjoy.

About Nick’s House:

The Kitchen is stocked with Tea, Coffee, Sugar and a few Spices for meal preparation. However, we advise you to buy any other ingredients and necessities that you feel you need to make your stay comfortable. Other Ingredients found in the pantry are readily on stock. Toiletries will also be available for use. Feel free to use all available items provided.

A FREE Chef is available, who is a known expert in preparing authentic Swahili Dishes, but, is also trained to prepare any other dietary dishes you prefer. For grocery items entailing food and beverages, you as a guest of course, has an option to either choose to do the grocery shopping yourself or make plans with the Chef to be able to source out the required ingredients that you need and they will do the shopping for you.

Remember, when you do plan to send the Chef, make sure to facilitate their transport fee to the supermarkets. The chef will have access to the house at 7 AM, 12 PM and 5 PM, only with your consent. They do have their own keys, however, We advise you to make it possible for them to access the property, so that they can have ample time to prepare Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner respectively. For any other details, the Host will be available on Phone daily to answer your queries.

Check-in Time: Check in at the property is at 12 pm onwards to allow preparation for your arrival. The Host or the Representative available from the team will be around to welcome you and show you around the property.

Check-Out Time: Check- out time at the property is at 10 am. Kindly ensure to be ready in time to allow preparations for the house. Late checkout can be arranged at a fee, just let the Host know early in advance so that proper arrangements can be made.

House Rules:

  • No Smoking within the Property.
  • House Guests: No more than 6 guests are allowed for overnight stay.
  • No open Flames allowed e.g Candles
  • No Parties: Be mindful of the Neighbors’ next to the property. Play music at a reasonable volume.
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Broken Items: Please report any broken utensils or damage to the property as soon as it happens.
  • House Hacks: The coastal region is relatively warm all year round, we have fans available in each room. However, for an even cooler space, Open the windows and curtains in the morning to let in the cool breeze and close then in the afternoon so that the harsh sun doesn’t leave the rooms warm while it sets.

Before leaving the Property:

  • Lock all the windows
  • Switch off all the fans and lights
  • Dispose of garbage in the trash can
  • Leave beds unmade
  • Dispose of all rotten and unwanted food from the fridge.



Looking for ideas to help you explore more? Here are some that you can use to make your stay more memorable.

  • Explore the coastal nightlife in Watamu and Mtwapa.
  • Get a historical experience at Malindi Museum.
  • Visit Watamu Marine National Park.
  • Take a guided tour of the Gedi Ruins Historical site.
  • Relax and Enjoy an open-air Movie Night or Lunch at the Temple Point Resort.
  • Visit LitchHaus in Watamu for an experience of a lifetime.
  • Go bird watching at the Arabuko Sokoke National Reserve.
  • Take a boat ride in Mida Creek.
  • Do different Water sports and activities at 3 Degrees South sailing club in Kilifi.
  • See the Vasco Da Gama Pillar and the Portuguese Chapel.
  • Explore the Mnarani Ruins Historical site.
  • Visit the Jumba La Mtwana National monument.
  • Explore the Marafa Depression, Kilifi, (Hell’s Kitchen) North East of Malindi.

UA la Jumba Villa, Mtwapa Town

Stay in style at Ua La Jumba Villa, located a distance away from the town and where the beach is only an 8-minute walk away. The Villa contains 4 en-suite Bedrooms, a living room, Dining areas (indoors and Outdoors), Kitchen, Laundry room, Playing area for the Kids and a common washroom.

The outdoor area offers several places to chill and relax around the pool. You will experience a spectacular atmosphere due to the welcoming feel of the property, which has a homely Local African theme to it, perfect for you, or together with your Family or Friends. If you are searching for a Weekend Getaway that is spacious, serene and close to the beach, look no further. Save your Dates now and secure your luggage and mobile or professional camera devices and experience Ua La Jumba Villa Holiday, in a way you will never forget.

Check in Time: From 3:00 P.M

Check out Time: 11:00 A.M

Number of Guests allowed: 8 Guests

Guest Access:  Guests have the whole house, amenities and dishes provided for their personal use and all common area facilities. Except the laundry room which is accessible on request from the property Caretaker.

NOTE:  As a guest, you are assured to check in into a clean and well-prepared villa. Early check-in and Late check-out time are available at an extra chargeable Fee as set by the host. Let us know in advance so as to take note in time.

House Rules:

  1. Only specific guests who have made the Reservation are allowed in the premises. A Violation of this rule will result in the immediate removal of all guests (and any visitors) from the property without any refund.
  2. Identification Cards or Passports will be required on Check-in.
  3. There will be no exception to check-in or check out time unless discussed with the Host.
  4. Keep noise to a minimum after 11 p.m. Be mindful of the neighbors.
  5. There shall be no smoking inside the home. Extra cleaning fees to remove odor and stains may be applied.
  6. No Eating or Drinking in the bedrooms (exception to drinking water).
  7. Please wash any used and provided dishes after use.
  8. Any breakage of dishes or appliances, Let the caretaker know in advance once this happens.
  9. Please dispose of any garbage in the trash bin provided. Extra cleaning fees may apply.
  10. Turn off lights and fans when outside of the rooms/property.
  11. No glass of any kind is allowed near the pool/ pool area.
  12. Ample parking is provided for in the property.
  13. A Caretaker will be available to aid in your check-in and check-out of the Property and any other questions or assistance that you may need.
  14. Please acknowledge that occasionally, you may find consumables, condiments or snacks left behind by previous guests. The host will try their best to ensure that the goods are not stale or expired. HOWEVER, ultimately, it is up to the guest’s discretion and inspection to consume these items if they wish. The host will not take any responsibility for the consumables.
  15. DO NOT re-arrange the furniture in the property.
  16. If you would like to host an event (e.g. small private wedding, graduation, NO parties allowed) you are advised to make the enquiry early in advance with us.
  17. If guests are found to host a party without the host’s permission, resulting in extra cleaning of the property, they will be held responsible for extra charges applied on both damage and cleaning. Disturbance and alerting of the neighbors will also result to effective IMMEDIATE VACATE of the guest from the property.
  18. An extra charge of the loss of a key, be it for a room or property will apply.
  19. If guests are suspected of carrying illegal items/drugs of any kind, authorities will be engaged and guests will be asked to LEAVE the property immediately.
  20. Lastly, because this is an Air BnB community, not a hotel, keep in mind that it is still a Home to the hosts when they come for a vacation to Mombasa. Be respectful of the property and their belongings and keep it clean.

If you have read all the information this far, THANK YOU! For being a SUPER GUEST! reply back with this quote “EXPECT NOTHING, APPRECIATE EVERYTHING” so that we know you understand and have reviewed the house rules.



  • An invoice will be issued by the company and sent to you by email, only if reservations is confirmed. Payment details will be provided.
  • The booking should be confirmed prior to your arrival date to ensure proper planning.
  • Food amenities and goods are not provided for in the properties. You are advised to buy or cater your own meals and food supplies.
  • A Chef will be provided in each of the properties upon your request. Please advise us in advance to allow us to make the arrangement. Also, advice if there are any other special dietary needs that need to be observed.
  • Please note that Transportation to these properties is not provided for. However, the Hosts can arrange private transfers for you from the Airport or Mombasa Train Terminus. Alternatively, you can hire a self-drive or request a taxi {Uber or Bolt) to drive you to your destination.
  • A timed pin location will be provided for on the day of your arrival. Make sure that you provide us with your WhatsApp details upon confirmation of your booking.
  • Last but not least, feel free to explore while enjoying your holiday. Take advantage and curate your own Adventure Itinerary.