Nairobi is more than you think….

Kenya is an incredible and diverse country, perfect for an introduction to an authentic True African Travel and Safari. But, what many do not know is that sometimes, finding things to do in the bustling city of Nairobi can feel overwhelming and difficult to navigate for a first-time visitor, or even a seasoned Traveler. Nicknamed the “Green City in the Sun”, The Safari Capital of Kenya offers its own unique fusion of its Modernity and wide Historic cultures, great Nightlife scenes for the outgoing tourist to even having its own National Park found at the heart of the City!

  1. Get up-close and Personal at The Giraffe Center- For the Traveler on the budget, this experience is for sure one that you do not want to pass and the one that you will never forget. Take a chance to visit the famous Endangered Rothschild Giraffe roaming freely on the grounds. Here you definitely have an opportunity to get face-to face and feed (or touch), and take incredible photos or videos with these extraordinary giant creatures. Offer them a few or a handful pellets of food provided by the caretakers, and watch them instantly become friendly!
  2. Shop for Souvenirs at the Maasai Market– Here is a challenge for you. There is no harm in buying the latest African souvenirs at a shop in the Airport or Malls. In fact, it is very much encouraged. But, take a minute and think about it. If you are curious to make the most of your trip, and looking to experience authentic local businesses and the artisans behind the beautiful paintings, animal carvings, beaded and metallic designed jewelry and colorful clothing, look no further than paying a visit to the nearest Maasai market, located in the city. Most of the time, held at a different location and specified day at the city, you can seek aid at the hotel, Tour Operator or Air BnB host who are for sure able to help you locate this unique market.
  3. Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage- Forget swimming the entire day or watching the movies and step out to continue to get closer with the African Wildlife. Known as a world-renowned elephant orphanage conservation in Nairobi, the center raises these incredible animals, who have been orphaned for a multitude of reasons, and later on, they are released back into the wild. Expertly raised by trained caretakers, Tourist and locals can visit the conservation once a day in the Afternoon hours. Make an early booking and get the chance to see this unique orphanage at work.
  4. Visit the Karen Blixen Museum This colonial farmhouse turned museum is the home of famous Danish author, Karen Blixen, from 1917-1931. Much of the history of the city a is preserved in the farmhouse… including a coffee-drying plant, old photographs, and books. (Tours can be booked right at the museum entrance.)
  5. Take a Tour to the Kazuri Beads Factory– Found within Karen, this factory is the place to be to shop for unique, handmade souvenirs and items unique to the Kenyan culture. The colorful beads and pottery items are made from scratch by the local women and single mothers. While on your visit, remember to make a purchase of some of these items as a memoir to your trip, and by purchasing these items, you’re able to support and keep this heritage alive.
  6. Explore the Karura Forest Reserve- Just a few kilometers from the main city center is Karura Forest Reserve, one of the largest urban forests in the world! The forest is a known home to over 200 species of birds, as well as Monkeys, Reptiles, Civets, and Butterflies. Both Local and Visitors, who are more athletic, also take the opportunity to explore this vast forest by jogging, running, hiking, or rent a mountain bike to cycle in the reserve’s 50 km lush trails. Afterwards you can take a relaxing afternoon and enjoy a picnic in the shady gardens, and relax at the open-sided river café.
  7. Visit the Nairobi Arboretum- For a relaxing nature itinerary, this is not to be missed as it features a quiet setting for family, couples. individual picnics. It’s a lesser-known attraction but boasts the most relaxing scenery shaded by trees and flowers. You can also spend the day walking or jogging through the trails and spot visible wildlife, including a monkey or two.
  8. Take a Stroll on the Nairobi Safari Walk– Located within the Nairobi National Park Reserve, this raised wooden boardwalk, known as the Safari Walk, allows for fantastic views of animals from above and is located just 7 km from the City Centre. The Safari Walk is a show case of Kenya’s Parks and Reserves, and it allows visitors to discover what they can expect to see across the country.
  9. Take a Day Tour to a Tea or Coffee Farm– Just an hour’s drive from Nairobi, you will find a relaxing countryside filled with rolling tea and coffee farms, waterfalls, dams, and man-made forests. Be sure to take one of the many tours to experience and unwind, have a fine cup of Chai or the best Kenyan tea and Coffee served fresh and hot from the farm.
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