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Kenyan and North Safaris Experience

Travel to the most eye-catching and unusual Safari plains in Kenya. Each of these regions carry their own character and trademark. Proudly showcasing their diverse and remarkable African Wildlife and dedicated Conservation efforts, Kenya has continuously proven its status as one of the leading Safari destinations in the World.

Our Kenya and North Safari Tours Experience, is a completely different feel and encounter to the normal lush green, smooth driving paths and warm cooler plains of the South.  With terrains described as “rocky and rugged”, slightly dusty or mostly dry plains, sizzling hot sun rays intensely shining through the vast terrains, and rough, off-the-beaten-tracks, this tour is meant to cater for the Adventurous and Open-minded Tourist, ready to step out of their comfort zone and dive into an adventure, observing Kenyan Safari like no other.

From the wide-open plains of Samburu National Park, to the Amboseli National Park, Aberdare National Park, Meru National Park, Lewa Downs Conservancy in Meru County, Laikipia North, Chalbi Desert, Lake Turkana and Ol-Pejeta Conservancy, to mention a few, this comprehensive Safari Package only best experienced on road, covers some of the most famous Parks in Kenya.

Starting from Nairobi City, for a 7 to 12-day Safari on a budget, we can curate your trip according to your own preference and budget. Get to see over-the-top African Wildlife such as the Big Cats, The Big Five, Reticulated Giraffes, Somali Ostriches, Gerenuks, Grevy Zebras, Black Rhinos and a number of bird species worth your time and definitely your mobile or professional Camera Device storage space! Remember to create memories that will last you and your Family or Friends for centuries to come.

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Let us craft your dream safari and unveil the wonders of Kenya and beyond.


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